. Glow Collection .

Discover our truly innovative glow-in-the-dark roses that will surprise you with their magic.

When the light is on, you will enjoy the beauty of a preserved RoseAmor rose in WHI 01. But wait until you turn off the lights and marvel at the glow they emit in different colors.

These roses are easily recharged under a lamp or sunlight. Don’t worry, they can be exposed to both natural and artificial light without losing their color (however, please note that our other products may fade if exposed to prolonged exposure to sunlight).

Immerse yourself in a world of light and color with our glow-in-the-dark roses, a unique and fascinating experience that will accompany you in special and magical moments. Dare to experience beauty in the dark!


White rose with green glow in the dark effect.


White rose with a purple glow in the dark effect.

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